December 16, 2015


RiskAhead is your global tool to easily inform and report anonymously about any dangerous incidents occurring in your vicinity. Furthermore the app functions by the activity and notifications of its users, who collaboratively evaluate the information of other users simultaneously.

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Functionality of RiskAhead – This is how it works:

You want to check for risk incidents? Crime Mapping with RiskAhead!

  • Basically, you are informed automatically about any reported incident in the proximity of your last GPS location by a RiskAhead notification. You can define the range of the warning notification.
  • Click on “Show Map” to move about and zoom into the map freely.
  • The heat areas on the map show the density, severity and quantity of reports.
  • Single report icons show the category of danger. There are six categories of risk available:
    • A Threatening Incident or Situation
    • Verbal Violence
    • Light to Heavy Physical Violence
    • Life-Threatening Violence
    • Natural Disaster
    • Human Disasters and Infrastructure
  • Reports that concern women are emphasized with a pink icon at the top of the icon and reports about incidents that will happen in the future are highlighted by an exclamation mark with a white frame at the bottom of the icon.
  • If you want to check for further details about a report, just click on the icon. Further details will appear with one extra click on the report above the icon. The details allow you to evaluate the report and click on the profile of the author to check his reputation and trust grade. To return to the RiskMap, just click on the “back” button of your smartphone.


RiskAhead App Screenshot with Incidents RiskAhead App Screenshot with HeatMap RiskAhead App Screenshot with Incidents


You want to report risk incidents?

  • Click on “Report Incidents” and choose the incident details with the user friendly question-answer-dialog. Click on the RiskMap to choose the location of the incident.
  • Alternatively, you can also start reporting by clicking on a spot on the RiskMap to choose the location of the incident. Click on the blue button to start the question and answer dialog of the report.
  • You can add specific details on each incident or skip further questions, except for the first two questions that decide the report’s icon on the RiskMap. All standardized answers of the report will automatically be translated to the user’s language on the RiskMap later.


RiskAhead Screenshot with Incident Reporting


How is the validity of the reports and risk assessment checked?

  • Each report is assessable by votes. Each user has one vote of evaluation per report. An incident is deleted automatically with five downvotes.
  • The users reputation is visible by his statistic and score, which is totaled as following:
    • +1 point for publishing a report
    • +5 points for positive vote
    • -3 points for a negative vote

How is RiskAhead financed?

  • RiskAhead is for free for everybody at any time and is created by voluntarily work and financed by advertisement, which is displayed in the app irregularly. If you want to support us financially than click on the displayed commercial, which will support RiskAhead with few a Cents.
  • Each user can support RiskAhead by purchasing monthly or annual subscriptions to disable advertising or to unlock premium functionality for further crime analysis purposes. A premium account is therefore available, which unlocks the following possibilities:
    • Maximum zoom out in the RiskMap, in order to see the world risk situation from a bird`s eye
    • Advertisement free use   
    • Choose the position of the automatic warning notification on the map independently of  your GPS location, to get updates about the incidents of a certain area
    • The notification range can be maximized up to 250km.

We currently operate in 12 languages for your safety:

  • English
  • German – Deutsch
  • Arab – العربية‎
  • Russian – русский
  • Spanish – Español
  • Polish – Polski
  • Mongolian – монгол хэл
  • French – Français
  • Latvian – Latvijas
  • Turkish – Türkçe
  • Estonian – Eesti
  • Portuguese of Brazil– Português do Brasil


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