RiskAhead released for Android!

After 9 months of work with the best imaginable support of friends…it is finally done!

RiskAhead sees the light of the app world!

First of all, we all thank the over 50 testers, developers and especially translators with the deepest of our heart! Without your efforts this community project couldn’t have been realized! Whenever somebody avoids risk through RiskAhead, it is because of your work!

Danke! Thank you! Баярлалаа! 谢谢! شكرآ! Gracias! Dzięki! O`brigado! Благодаря! Tänu! Merci! Paldies! teşekkür ederim!
If you find any points to improve, please feel free to use the feedback option in the app or send a mail.

Here is your RiskAhead:
RiskAhead is a free and rapid risk alert app. You will be warned about any public disorder or danger in your area automatically. You can easily report incidents on a map or check the incident reports of others. The intention is to create a free communication program that will reduce our all day risks globally. RiskAhead operates at the moment in 12 languages.
To check the app, you can use following links:

• Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…
The activation links of the registration often gets lost in the spam folder. Check it if your email login doesn’t work or if it doesn’t activate in general!
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/RiskAhead
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiskAheadApp
• Homepage: http://www.riskahead.net

If you find the idea useful you can support RiskAhead for example by:

• giving it a good rating on the App Store
• share it via:
o Facebook Groups
o Twitter
o Email
o friends or organizations that are working with or in regions with a severe public disorder crisis
• writing few lines on your social media accounts
• Report any risk incidents that occur via the app permanently

With all our active reporting efforts via RiskAhead, we can create an evolution of risk reduction in the 21rst century!

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