November 20, 2015

Vision and Mission

RiskAhead is an App-based, multilingual and free for all risk assessment program. It gives the user the opportunity to inform themselves and report any hazards from around the globe, at any time, for free, by using a Crime Map.
RiskAhead is a community-based project developed through the common sense of people to prevent the suffering caused by daily public violence.

Our intention is to create a global tool from the people and for the people in order to inform and get informed about the real threats we face in life. This mechanism provides a free accessible way for everybody to evaluate dangers globally to avoid unnecessary disasters.

Being confronted with the tragic reality of the incalculable violence that is present every day in Latin American, Central and East Asia and elsewhere; we came to the conclusion that most of the suffering could be stopped by people informing themselves about the danger.

Regardless of people’s origin, affiliation, social class or any other status that separates us from a common sense of humanity; RiskAhead will be able to alert you and your closest and furthest friends about any danger in order to prevent any potential harm coming to them. Therefore the App is free and only requires Internet access and an Android compatible SmartPhone.

We are just a two-man project with strong support from our family and friends. The RiskAhead Team continually work towards creating a more sophisticated menace assessment and communication system in order to provide you with the best tool to protect yourself. We would gladly take feedback in order to improve our app and are proud of each personal sorrow we prevent!
Thanks, and may you have a risk free day!

Your RiskAhead Team,

Dennis and Kevin


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“Unstable times need clarification – It is in your hands with RiskAhead”

RiskAhead started to seek reduction of risks in our lives at the 10.2.2016.


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