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Stay safe with our features - Anytime and Anywhere!

Easy Incident Report

You can easily and quickly report any incident with our questions and answers dialogue

Crime Hotspot HeatMap

Get a quick overview about your destination or neighborhood by using the provided HeatMap functionality on RiskAhead’s Crime Map

Variety of incidents

You can find a variety of different incident reports, e.g. light-severe concentration of crimes, natural disasters and medical emergencies

Quick overview

The map will provide you with different sets of icons and a short description to get a quick overview of the area

Social Community

You will earn points for every incident report you make and by using the voting system you can improve your reputation and trust with other members

Instant notifications

When a crime is reported near your last known position you will get a warning notification about the incident

♀ Help for Women ♀

A pink colour in the top right hand corner of an incident icon indicates a danger that targets mainly women. This should be especially helpful for women traveling alone


A white area at the bottom of an incident icon indicates that a threat is likely to occur in the future. This makes one aware of any future incidents so one can keep a safe distance.

About RiskAhead

RiskAhead is a free, multilingual, app-based risk assessment program and crime map.
A global tool to inform and get informed about any risks occurring in the world

Being confronted with the tragic reality of the incalculable violence that is present in every day Latin-American, Central and East Asia and elsewhere; we came to the conclusion that most of the suffering could be stopped by people people warning each other. Everybody, regardless of their origin, affiliation, social class or any other circumstances that separates us from the common sense of humanity, should be able to use RiskAhead to alert themselves, friends and others in order to prevent any potential harm. Get RiskAhead Crime Map for Android on GooglePlay!

  • RiskAhead is totally free for Android. You only need an Internet connection.

  • You will only need 3 minutes to report an incident

  • RiskAhead works on Android 4.0.2 and above, covering more then 96 percent of all android devices

  • RiskAhead is completely translated and prevents risks in 14 different languages

RiskAhead Team

We are a little two-men project supported by our family and friends

Kevin-Chris Gründel, M.A.

Crime and Violence Analyst
Kevin is a former Officer in the German Army who specialized in the analysis of violence and intercultural competence with a regional focus on Latin America, The Islamic World and Central Asia. He has experience in over 45 nations from over 100 expeditions abroad.

Dennis Thießen, M.Eng.

Dennis is formally an officer in the German Army and works now as an software engineer in the insurance and finance sector. His main focus is on IT architecture and the development of flexible software solutions. He has work expertise in the region of East Asia.